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Farewell and Thanks to Bill Lucy

Retired AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer William "Bill" Lucy.

The end of an era came to pass on June 28, as delegates to AFSCME's 39th International Convention in Boston said goodbye to former Secretary-Treasurer William Lucy marking the end of a 57-year relationship. 

Bidding farewell amid chants of “Thank you, Bill,” Lucy stressed the importance of fighting for social justice, a commitment that has characterized his public service career. 

“We’ve always known that there’s a crisis. It may be more intense now, but there’s always been a crisis for millions of people not as lucky as we are in this room,” Lucy said. “There’s a daily crisis in their lives, as they struggle to put bread on their tables, to put clothes on their backs, to have a roof on their heads. We have a responsibility to help them out.”

A video tribute highlighted Lucy’s trajectory as a tireless fighter for equality and economic fairness. Opening with the famous A. Philip Randolph quote: “Freedom is never given, it is won,” the presentation recounted Lucy’s work alongside the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in civil rights struggles and his support for Nelson Mandela.

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