Local 2930 - Town of Newington

Municipal Elections Are Coming. Get Involved.

The 2017 municipal election season is upon us. Primary day is Sept. 12, 2017 and general election day is Nov. 7, 2017.

Getting engaged in the municipal election cycle and electing good pro-labor candidates at the local level will help us continue to fight back against an anti-worker agenda. It's an opportunity to protect our municipal brothers and sisters from short-sighted cuts made by anti-worker politicians.

The importance of local engagement was evident in Bristol in 2015. Members of Local 2267 (Board of Education non-certified) mobilized to elect a worker-friendly majority that promptly put an end to the costly and failed effort to privatize school cafeteria services. 

Council 4 is gearing up for the election through our PEOPLE committee process, where members are able to ask questions of candidates seeking our endorsement. This allows any member to interview candidates and make recommendations before the delegates vote on an endorsement at our Delegate Assembly meeting on Friday, Oct. 13, 2017.

Click here to see the Council 4 questionnaire that we require candidates for municipal office to fill out if they seek our endorsement. 

Want to learn more and get involved? Please contact our legislative and political action team of Brian Anderson at Banderson@council4.org or Zak Leavy at Zleavy@council4.org.

Members of Bristol Local 2267 helped elect worker-friendly candidates to the Board of Education in 2015.


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